WildCard Fin Adapter



$ 79.99

The WildCard Fin Adapter Makes Your FCS type (twin-tab) Fins Compatible With Your Futures type (single-tab) Fin System.

Have you ever had a set of twin-tab fins that you really liked and wanted to use them on a board that had a single-tab fin system?

If your answer is yes, then keep reading my friend.

Gone are the days you opt to not ride a board because your particular fin selection is limited...

...Say hello to the WildCard Fin Adapter.
FCS fin adapter to future fin system - wasabi surf
Fabricated with true carbon fiber composite construction for extreme strength and durability with minimal weight. 

  • The side adapter's unique geometry tilts (or cants) side fins with approx. 4-5 degrees of canted angle.
  • Center adapters are designed shallower (1/2" base depth) to fit typical rear (or center) Futures compatible fin boxes.

        How Does It Work? We're Glad You Asked...

        In three easy steps you can make your FCS compatible fins work with your Futures compatible fin boxes... 




        Here's how:

        1. Insert your FCS type fin into its corresponding WildCard Fin Adapter (Left, Right and Center/Rear).
        2. Secure your FCS type fin to the WildCard Fin Adapter using the provided stainless-steel set screws.
        3. Insert the adapter and fin assembly into the corresponding Futures type fin box (Left, Right and Center/Rear) as you normally would and secure the assembly with the fin-box set screw.


            FCS to Futures fin adapter

            That's it. DONE.

            Here's what a few customers had to say...


            "I'm really stoked on these adapters! I'm a pretty big fin guy and always wanted to test some of my FCS fins on a few boards that have Futures fin boxes. Stoked!"

            - Nick V. from Encinitas, California


            "I always keep them with me... kinda like fin keys and wax combs. I got mine right before a surf trip to Costa Rica and they definitely came in handy by making my favorite FCS fins adaptable."

            - Josh C.B. from San Clemente, California


            "I've been waiting for something like this for a while now. I have a few sets of FCS fins for one of my longboards that I can finally use on my other boards that don't have FCS fin boxes."

            -Amy P. from Stuart, Florida 

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