Press Release: FCS to Futures Compatibility Adapter Created by San Diego California Company

Posted by David A on June 24, 2018. 0 Comments

June 20th, 2018 -  Wasabi Surf LLC from Carlsbad, CA has created an FCS™ fin to Futures™ fin system compatibility adapter, the WildCard, which allows surfers to use their favorite twin-tab FCS™ type fins on surfboards that have single-tab Futures™ type fin boxes.  Gone are the days that surfers choose not to ride, or possibly buy,  a surfboard because their particular fin selection is limited.  The WildCard fin adapter makes FCS™ type twin-tab fins more versatile, allowing surfers to further experiment with different fin/board combinations as well as to travel with, and ultimately own, less gear.        

Available in thruster (3-fin), quad (4-fin) and 5-fin sets the WildCard Fin Adapter is made to last session after session, year after year.  Fabricated with true carbon fiber composite, making it lighter than aluminum yet stronger than steel, the adapter's patented design tilts (or cants) side fins with approx. 4-5 degrees of canted angle.  It's high precision construction also ensures a snug and tight fit between fin systems. 

Currently WildCard fin adapters can only be purchased directly at (free domestic shipping within the continental US as well as flat fee international shipping).  Wasabi Surf is also developing an FCS2™ fin to Futures™ fin system compatibility adapter, the WildCard 2, and updates on the release date for this new version can be found on their website or by signing up for their mailing list.


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