Surf Fins, Surf Fins, and More Surf Fins - We Like Options

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There has never been a time in surfing history with more surf fin options than today...

... and that's pretty awesome. There aren't too many variables you can change in order to modify a board's performance once it's been shaped and sanded.

Luckily, we have removable fin systems which give us more freedom to change a board's response and feel when desired (read about the history of the surf fin here). The two main fin bases are typically referred to as "twin-tab" and "single-tab."

Single-Tab Fin from Captain Fin Co. (below)

Twin-Tab Fin from Komunity Project (below)

Over the past few years, there have been a handful of new surf fin companies that have popped up. Companies like Komunity ProjectKinetic Racing and Captain Fin Co. are making headway with new surf fin designs, materials, and graphics.

Having more surf fins is a good thing.

How many times have you taken your new board for a test drive - only to find out that the board didn't work as well as it felt under your arm? It happens to us quite a bit. Usually, the first thing we do is change out the fins. Are the waves small and gutless? Switch to a smaller fin. Is the release on your new board a little bit too sketchy? Switch to a fin with more rake. There are so many fin templates to choose from these days that you can usually take a board that's been collecting dust in your garage and give it some pizazz with different fin templates. There are virtually thousands of fin combinations to choose from... and usually there's a combination that's just right for you.

Now get out there and start experimenting!

PS - If you already have a ton of twin-tab fins and a few boards with a single-tab system, then this fin adapter will save you from having to rebuild your single-tab fin quiver. 


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