About Us

Founded by two surfers that enjoy the beach and good waves just as much as you. We noticed a problem with the plethora of fins and the incompatible fin systems in our quiver. We want to share this solution with those that share this problem.

A little more about the founders:

Julian Ganguli moved to Southern California when he was 12 years old. Shortly after moving to California, he picked up surfing and hasn't been out of the water since. Julian has over eight years of experience working in the action sports industry and has always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together again.

David Aguiló was born and raised in San Diego and took up surfing as soon as he could walk. He's been fortunate enough to travel the world while working as an architect and designer - always drawing inspiration from art, architecture and nature. He studied mechanical engineering and design at Yale as well as architecture at UCLA. He was site architect for Neil Denari's HL23 project in NYC prior to founding Wasabi Surf with Julian.

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Every once in a while, Julian finds time to throw a few turns together...

 David's past life.. Is that building getting barreled?